Dervenohriya, Teba, Greece 2014
Dimitris Stamanis, a big farmer.

The experiment took place on a plot of 2,20 acres of wheat. As a result a plot with magnetic devices required 30% less seeding material.

Yield increased from 110kg to 140kg per acre.

Oranges and pomegranates

August 2014
Argolic, Nafplion Peloponez
Sotris Grigoriadis, big farmer

January 2014
Dried lemon trees revive after irrigation with magnetic water. (From the author) Many of our clients have observed such life-inducing qualities of magnetic water.


Vagia, Teba, Greece, 2014
Vassilis Sidiropulus, big farmer

Cotton which was irrigated using magnetic water showed a huge difference in  quantity and quality of the crop.
Land: 400 acres.
Seeding date: 17-22 June and 27 October 2014

650 days of magnetic treatment
Hazelnuts watered using magnetic water had  on average 35 kernels per plant, compared to just 5-10 of hazelnut trees using regular water for irrigation.

Also there was a difference in color of the leaves, i.e. dark green in magnetically treated and yellowish in regular.  Nut kernels from magnetic plants had clear white color and were worm free.

Potatoes and onions

June 2013
Elateia, district Fthiotida, Greece
Panagiotis Karauzoas, farmer, a large producer of vegetables

A clear example of how magnetic treatment enhances production of potatoes and onions.

Potatoes grown using magnetic water cook faster, contain more nutrients and have a richer flavorthan regular potatoes. Potato yield on magnetic plot of land is 47% higher than on control plot. Onion yield increased by 18%. The difference is obvious.