Overweight, obesity and magnets

Experience has shown that such an approach ensures the highest possible purity of the body, and internal ecology.

Let’s recollect the words or a prominent Russian scientist V.I. Vernadsky, “Not a single form of life can exist in its own created wastes”. Yet we still and bombard ourselves with medical dope.

Ten years ago I read in the work of Hypocrites “Hygiene” that a man was born healthy, and all his diseases came to him through his mouth together with food. A thousand years later a prominent 6th century physician, Ibn Sina (Avicena), in his work ” Treatise on Hygiene”, spoke about the use of separate nutrition. If this is not done, the wrong composition of food impedes digestion. All the wastes remain in your intestine and become the cause of diseases.

In the book “The Correct Composition of Food” our contemporary Dr. Herbert Shelton develops this idea on the basis of modern understanding of the chemical composition of food and its conformity to the laws of digestion in gastrointestinal tract. I got extremely interested in this idea of separate nutrition. In such cases conditions are created for optimal digestion, the risk of littering intestines with their own wastes and saturating blood with toxins is avoided and therefore the risk of slow suicide becomes minimal.

Kurennov’s “Russian Medical Book” totally proved my personal assumptions. The book gives a unique explanation of why people are sick and suffering for all their lives and why they die early, not finding out the reasons for their troubles. In the “Russian Medical Book” you can find X-ray shots of the large intestine of a practically healthy person at the moment when the wastes in it have become a greater part of its weight.

Having analyzed dependence of human health upon the nutrition order we can make only one possible conclusion. In nutrition like anywhere else in nature there are laws which you cannot violate.

So let us follow Dr. Herbert Shelton’s theory about separate nutrition. According to his theory food should be subdivided into three groups, protein, and carbohydrate, living food.
According to his theory, protein is broken up in the gastrointestinal tract mainly by enzymes of acid composition, carbohydrate- by enzymes of alkaline composition and living food can digest itself. These products, as a rule, have not undergone any thermal treatment. They have nutritious substances and ferments for their breaking up. Fats are rather compatible with protein and carbohydrate.

At the same time let us study another law of Nature and talk about magnetic water . What is the secret of the life-giving force of magnetic energies?

God created the earth and gave it to people , having subordinated everything to one common Law. This Law is clear to us, we perceive it daily. It is Harmony: day-night, cold-warm, good-evil, and, at last, plus-minus. This Law is being observed by everyone in the Universe except man. Having received the priceless present of the perfect earth, we decided to improve on the perfect according to our own interest. We have mined billions of tons of ore, enmeshed the earth with gigantic metal wires. Submarines have been launched into the deep seas, thousands of planes and space ships are flying in the skies. So, we destroyed our environment but, first of all, we destroyed the geomagnetic situation of the earth.
Let us take an example:

Imagine that we took two glasses of water from the same place in the same river. The only difference would be if we would take the first glass a thousand years ago, and the second glass, today when water of this river is polluted. What kind of picture will we see? (see fig.).

In the first glass all the molecules would be in the right sequence: “plus-minus”, “plus-minus”… And in the second glass we would see a totally different picture because most of the molecules would be in a chaotic order: This is a vivid example of dead water that we drink everyday. We can endlessly purify water trying to make it crystal clear but we will never be able to make it biologically active, i.e. Alive. Is there a solution to this?

Yes, there is! The discovery made by Russian scientists and the invention of special magnetic systems, allow us to correct the fatal mistake of people. After magnetizing water, immediately the molecules regroup themselves into a strict row and water becomes biologically active. After consuming magnetic water, our body receives energy and becomes capable of fighting various diseases, of the presence of which we might not even suspect.

Human bodies can also be viewed as the two glasses, since without the consumption of magnetic water, the order is chaotic.

It is very simple to realize the power of magnetic water by planting two flowers and watering one of them with regular water, and the other one with magnetic water. You will see how this fragile and tender creature of nature responds to the pure spring of magnetic water. So let’s treat our organism as tenderly and carefully as we treat flowers.

Finally, I would like to address practicing doctors. I can assure you that numerous diseases will give in to the life-giving force of magnetic water, in combination with separate nutrition. The results are so vivid that you will be able to see them on the 2nd or 3rd day after beginning of the treatment described in this work. First of all, bedridden patients badly need this treatment. If you use different medical magnetic systems during the course of treatment, you can fully avoid using tablets and in some cases, the scalpel. You can get acquainted with the list of magnetic systems at the end of the book. Use our knowledge and take it to people.

How to magnetize water?


The Magnetic Funnel and Half-inch Magnetron are designed to magnetize liquids. Water and water solutions passed through the magnetron-funnel and half-inch magnetron acquire a finer and more homogeneous structure. It significantly increases their fluidity, dissolving capability and biological activity.

As a result organoleptic qualities of magnetic water improve and changes of ionic balance and biological properties positively affect human organism, animals and plants.

Usage of such water has a preventive and curative effect: it reduces chances of formation of stones, improves metabolism, facilitates the extraction of salts from the organism, stimulates gastrointestinal functions. Water treated By magnetic field is medically prescribed for treatment of urinary and gall stone cases, arteriosclerosis, arthritis, metabolic disorders.

So let’s begin to work on ourselves.

Separate nutrition.

Shelton’s book provides many personal definitions about food products which do not grow in our area and not available to all people I have found Shelton’s Information very useful for the assortment of food products available at local shops. The drawn up plan of adequate separate nutrition has served me and my followers for about ten years. It is compact, short, easy to read. Fat people get- thinner, thin people gain weight. Hypertension, gastrointestinal diseases, headaches disappear, emotional states change.

Meat Herbs Bread
Fish Fruits Cereals
Brouths Dry fruits Sugar
Eggs Vegetables (excl. potato) Tea
Egg plant Juice Jam
Mushrooms Berries Potato
Beans Water melon Honey
Nuts (living)
Seeds (living)

Sweet melon and dairy products are incompatible to anything.

To understand how this plan works, let’s simplify the process of nutrition. Imagine, that we have eaten 100g of meat. It contains about 20% of protein, it means, that for digestion of meat the stomach will produce 20 equivalent units of acid secretion. The acid necessary for breaking up proteins is marked with H+ character (hydrogen cation), alkali necessary for breaking up of carbohydrate is marked with OH-character (hydroxyl anion). Let us add 100g of tomatoes or tomato juice to meat. This product will bring 5-12% of acid along with it. Therefore, the rate of acid secretion of gastric glands could be lower for 5-12 units in comparison with the case when only meat was eaten. The total consumption of acid secreted in the second case is 15 units instead of 20.

And now let’s add to the 100g of meat, 100g of bread (usual combination at our table). The 100g of bread can contain from 25 to 60% of carbohydrate. The gastrointestinal canal will produce 60 units of alkaline secretion for 100g of bread. The process of secreting of alkaline ferments begins right in the mouth, from saliva glands, and continues in the duodenum. Alkaline reagents received with bread, for sure will meet acid secretion which has been produced at the reaction to meat. The process of digestion will be sharply reduced due to neutralization of acids by alkali. For neutralization of 60 units of alkaline secretion 60 units of equivalent acid secretion will be used. This work of fermentation done by the organs of our gastrointestinal canal, is useless. The total consumption of acid secretion in the third case, when meat i.e. Four times more than in the first case and 6 times more than in the second case.

According to our traditional menu 300g of mashed potato or boiled rice will be added to 100g of meat and at the end of the lunch o roll, or a cake with tea will follow and for the first” course soup with potato will be served. After simple calculations it becomes clear that consumption of 100g of meat exceeds the estimated 20 units 20-25 times. This is the very situation of wasting of gastrointestinal biochemical energy. Not everyone can cope with such overloading. The human organism has a surprisingly high capacity of durability, but many of us give up.

Diabetes has become a younger disease. Rich meals and the consumption of incompatible dairy products destroys an adult’s pancreas early in life. If a patient, who suffers from diabetes is not transformed to insulin dope yet, than the transformation to separate nutrition will immediately relieve conditions of pancreas. A sharp decrease of the demands of the pancreas will exclude the cause of diabetes when the pancreas of a sick person can handle such loads, diabetes retreats. This happens in most cases when patients deliberately arrange their nutrition and makes the work of glands easier for food digestion. Official medical statistic in Russia foretell dramatic growth of diabetic cases by the year 2000. Offering nothing for elimination of this disease, therapy finds a way to substitute the work of the pancreas by injecting into blood its main hormone – insulin, and by doing so makes its work needless. Step by step the required insulin dosage grows. How to deal with the cause of diabetes is still in the behavior of the patient.

Using adequate separate nutrition we make the work of glands easier, exclude losses of digestive secretion. While making meals we have to combine products of the first and second groups according to the formula. In this case products of the second group help to digest products of the first group. A combination of products of the second and third groups also creates an optimal option for nutrition. By using such nutrition, the stomach is capable of digesting food during 1,5-2 house, because it is homogeneous in its chemical composition. After the digestion of food it is evacuated into the duodenum. A two-hour break should be observed between protein and carbohydrate food. At separate nutrition great demand for food is felt usually during first months when intestine is relieved and its capabilities require work. Later demand for food decreases sharply because assimilation improves dramatically.

Honey belongs to the third group. It is a fine sugar collection. Sugar consumed by most of the people is a bad equivalent of honey. Before it could be absorbed by blood saccharose it has to undergo several biochemical transformations. Not every person’s intestine is ready to carry out these transformations. Moreover, honey composites connect calcium ions which are necessary for daily metabolism. Unfortunately, our common practice does not take into consideration that man’s functional capability and peristaltis of the intestine loosens with age. If calcium does not come from food into blood, the structure of bones becomes fragile and fractures become more frequent. When traumatologists knit bones, dozens of tonnes of gypsum, are wasted for plaster and man is out of work for many months. This could have easily been avoided. Daily consumption of a spoonful of honey provides optimal concentration of ions in blood in 20 minutes, this concentration stays for 24 hours.

Dr. Jarvis wonderfully described such properties of honey in his book “Honey and Other Natural Products”. A special place in the table of product-compatibility is given to sweet melon. It is outlined separately because it is compatible to nothing. Melon is a sanitation product which facilitates evacuation of gastrointestinal canal. It has to be eaten alone, i.e. There has to be a break of at least 2 hours between meals. If is also advised that you eat nothing during 2 hours after having melon. Remember the reaction of a child’s gastrointestina canal after having melon results in vomiting and diorrhea, Diarrhea is a result of evacuation of foul excrements. Vomiting more often happens to people who suffer from constipation. It is advised to arrange a “sweet melon day” for better digestion.

Now about dairy products. With age the human organism loses its capability to break up main milk composites (“theory of adequate nutrition” by Academician A.L. Ugolev). Even from the early age dairy products often become a factor which ruins metabolism as a whole. Such diseases as development of kidney stones, stomach and intestinal ulcers, colitus, gastritis, diabetes, disbacteriosis, polyarthritis, osteochondroses progress because of the consumption of dairy products. Milk cannot be mixed with anything.

But for baby’s feeding we use milk mixtures. Semolina and mixes will surely provoke constipation in the baby’s organism. Never use this mechanical, thoughtless mix of incompatible food. Always give milk to a child separately from cereals. This will enable the intestine to restore its peristaltic. A child will assimilate curds with cream or milk, but curds with sugar and followed by tea will provoke constipation. Have a look at people affected by hypertonia. They are main consumers of curds and main buyers of laxatives and frequent visitors of a proctologist.

A baby’s natural capability to digest milk becomes invalid very early. Babies spit out milk, refuse to have it. Adding sweets, cereals, etc., to milk we change natural taste of food and deceive the instincts of a child, make the organism to accept and digest it. In due course the organism will find room to store unassimilated components of milk. These areas will become hotbeds of unhealthy symptoms. The symptoms will be treated, illness” ill be cured, but milk will be getting into the organism. The cause of poor metabolism will not be eliminated. It will function. A situation of chronic illness is being created. It is better to begin treatment with complete exclusion of dairy products, opening of bowels, cleaning of joints, etc. Complexion becomes rosy, skin in the ear area, nose is being cleaned, eyes become brighter, swelling and pains in joint disappear, constipation gives up.

I would like to soy a few words about milk, a wonderful product which combines protein and carbohydrate in ideal proportions. It’s baby’s food, food of a fast-growing organism. It is like cement, without which it is impossible to build a house. But when the house is built, only a lunatic would start bringing cement into it Just because it is a wonderful building material. You will suffocate in the room excessively loaded with cement. Something similar happens to our health, but we continue to drink milk, when our organism does not need such powerful building material as milk. Life suffocates in such a body.

Some words should be said about such an insidious product as broth. It is an albumen solution received from bone or meat boiling. In every elementary textbook on anatomy there is information about me gastrointestinal canal in which if is said that for digestion of broth, an organism spends much more energy (30 times more) than for meat digestion. As a natural product meat contains appropriate composition of protein and ballast substances which create favorable situation for protein’s breaking up. Broth as an artificial product does not passes such a quality. It is difficult to understand why broth and not meat is given to a sick person. Is 30-fold energy consumption for digestion useful?

There are paradoxes in the organization of medical nutrition. In medical institutions light dinner is advised to be taken, as a rule, 2 hours before going to bed. Then for what reason does everybody take a nap after rich lunch? What kind of rule is this, which has not a bit of logic?

Let us turn back to the plan of compatibility of products. In this case when they are combined incorrectly, and this is being constantly repeated, digestible secretion does not facilitate full digestion of food. It goes through the small intestine, where a part of nutritious matter is absorbed, and a part of it is accumulated as “scale” on the walls of the intestine and “bricks up” its absorbed and digestible system.

The main part of the undigested food is stored in the folds of large intestine. The large intestine is being filed with undigested food. The food is dehydrated and deposited in the folds of the large intestine where it stays for many years. Such an intestine becomes the source of general intoxication of the organism as the absorbing surface of the intestine of an adult exceeds 300 sq. m. In Kurennoy’s “Russian Medical Book” X-ray shots show areas, where different organs absorb nourishment, vitamins, energy from large intestine. What can an organ receive from stretched large intestine full of old excrements stones? Moreover, mucous membrane of such intestine is crippled with laxatives, has Q very weak muscular layer, with poor blood supply. Great efforts are required for blood of such a man to remove toxins.

Normally functioning and properly relieving intestine is like a powerful “root system” of human organism. In what condition the “roots” are, in such a condition the whole body is. Large intestine is a place of final utilization of food. Cellulose, ballast of cereals, bran in bread, skin of fruit and vegetables reach the large intestine practically without any changes. A greater part of cellulose is undergoing hydrolysis, at the same time it ensures peristaltic in the upper part of the intestine and in large intestine. This is the “fuel” of our internal stove, which gives thermal energy to all neighboring organs of abdominal cavity. In a clean large intestine of a normally nourished person the temperature is 1-3 degrees higher than in the body. The stomach is located in the horizontal part of intestine like on a warm stove. Liver, pancreas urogenital and other organs are tightly pressured on to the intestine. It ensures an optimal thermal regimen for the function of internal organs. The large intestine full of excrement stones has, as a rule, a foreign microflora. Nourishment of such a man is usually that of a restricted diet with Sack of cellulose. There is no “fuel” the temperature of the large intestine, full of excrement stones, is lower than usual. Internal organs do not have optimal thermal regimen and thus malfunction.

The long term violation of nutrition laws, according to the words of a Mongol scientist Shagsha, breaks up the “formula of life” which comes from capability of our large intestine to feed us, to ensure immunity and not to allow food intoxication. In the case of storing too much excrement its size increases greatly. The abdominal cavity becomes a storage of a great rigid sack full of excrement stones. The large intestine removes the internal organs from their normal places occupying new spaces. It presses the diaphragm, the main muscle of breathing, and excludes it from the process of breathing. The volume of the lungs is shrunk sharply. Excrement stones replace the liver and occupy man’s uro-genital system which is located between rectum and coccyx.

The useful volume for the small intestine’s placement will diminish greatly, its mobility will decrease. The lower part of the rectum will suffer most of all: veins will be jammed. They will swell in a hemorrhoid area as bloody piles. And this is real hemorrhoids. Numerous affections of organs happen due to permanently contaminated large intestine.

Any kind of prescribed treatment would be just a closed circle for combatting symptoms and the consequences of internal contamination, but the cause is disguised in breaching “formula of life”, which is ingrained in large intestine.

In order to get rid of the initial cause of numerous diseases everything that has been stored during many years like in a dump, should be evacuated out of the organism. Alternative medicine has great experience in this area.

In old days when the theory of calorie content of nutrition was not known, people used knowledge of prehistoric doctor Galen for their health improvement. According to his theory, any food that passes through the intestine should become part of me bloodstream. If somebody had fallen ill, products which were difficult to assimilate protein – were excluded from his menu. Not to allow intoxication of the blood, the intestine was thoroughly washed with the help of enemas. Various essays of ancient scientists prove the significance of keeping intestine clean, as an obligatory condition of maintaining one’s health. The Russian church extended us an apocrypha from the 10th century of how to be healthy. Addressing sick people, the doctor from the sect of assay-therapists of the 1st century B.C. says, “Powers of man, you have forgotten whose children you are. Your mother is the earth. And everybody, who lives on the earth, has to follow the laws of nature. Health is a natural condition of man. Illness is nature’s answer to the unwise behavior of man. To follow the healthy way ask mother-earth for three helpmates: angel of water, angel of air and angel of night.

Angel of water is the first to come to help. Find a big pumpkin with a hollow stem of a size of a man, clean it from inside, rill it with water taken from the river warmed by the sun. Hang the pumpkin on the tree and insert the stem into your rectum. Get down on your knees, bow your head close to the earth. Pray to mother-earth to release you from sins, which you have acquired through gluttony; When the water after having washed your intestine goes out of you, you will see and smell and touch the repulsive stones you’ve been carrying, in you. How can you keep your body healthy and your mind clear? And continue to do so for the whole week running, abstain from rich food. Only then you will realize happiness of living in a purified body. And make one possible, reasonable conclusion: “man washed from the outside resembles a tomb filled with stinking stones and decorated with expensive garments”.

Descriptions of hardening in water, in the sun, and air treatment are also given in the apocrypha. The amount of food is minimal. Milk is allowed only for one month – December.

Making myself familiar with apocrypha – a sermon about healthy way of life from the 1st century B.C. – assured me, that for health rehabilitation we need to fulfill the following procedures:

The first step – Irrigation of the intestine

Take two liters of cooled magnetized water, add one table spoonful of magnetized lemon juice and pour it into the mug of Esmarch. Stand on your knees and elbows. Breathe with your mouth, your belly relaxed. The best time for the treatment is from 5 a.m. till 7 a.m. But for your convenience it can be done before going to bed. During the first week the procedure should be done daily, during the second week – every other day, during the week – every second day, during the fourth week -every third day, and during the fifth week – once a week.

This treatment will help you to get rid of hemorrhoids. While treating the intestine you have simultaneously to begin the combination of foodstuffs in a correct way.

Frequent usage of medicines, yeast dough and milk cause strong of gastrointestinal canal by foreign micro organisms – monilia, yeast, staphylococci. These parasites are infiltrated into the mucous membrane of gastrointestinal canal and fed with our blood. As a result they excrete products of vital functions, very often toxic and so radially affecting the processes of life circle, that when a doctor discovers disbacterioses, as a side disease, he hardly differentiates symptoms of the main disease from the symptoms caused by invariably terrible, absolutely unpredictable activity of parasites in gastrointestinal canal. Garlic gas is to be given to combat disbacterioses.

The second step – War on disbacterioses

In the morning eat a clove of garlic (without bread) on an empty stomach one hour before breakfast, and one more at night two hours after supper during one or two weeks. The termination of stomach distension after taking food will be the sign of healing. Processes of fermentation will not disturb a man anymore. Treatment with garlic in the most neglected cases can cause burning of stomach and the gullet. Everything is correct. Killing the parasites garlic juice is absorbed by open small wounds, which the parasites have inhabited. Enhanced heart beating is sometimes observed. Garlic is the only product containing dissolved germanium. This matter strengthens the “spring” system of all our valves. Removing parasites from the gastrointestinal canal, we have to remember once again, that this canal is awash with a biochemical solution turning food into those chemical forms, which are capable to become a part of our blood, of those forms, which have to be evacuated from the organism. For this biochemical processing it is necessary to create absolutely definite biochemical potential, the so-called PH-index of medium. In nature apple vinegar is used for maintenance of PH-index. Its favorable properties, its maintenance of optional regimen of metabolism can be found in Dr. Jarvis’s work “honey and other Natural Products”. Apple vinegar would relieve a lot of people from pain in the stomach, constipation, hemorrhoids, gastritis, pain in joints, and from useless taking of different medicines like baralginum, amidopirinum, analginum, etc.

Many people sought the key for optimal creation of alkaline-acid potential. In Karavaev’s works and the works of his followers, recipes of pounded egg shell and chitin of crayfish and crabs are described. I think that it is a symptomatic approach to the matter. This is an artificial alkalinization of medium, when the consequences is lifted – surplus of acid secreted by organism is neutralized.

Consumption of apple vinegar, as suggested by Dr. Jarvis, is a fine factor of natural PH medium maintenance of digestion canal in optimal limits.

Putting gastrointestinal canal in order you have to bear in mind that the unique fermentable hormone-secretional organ and its mucous membrane is the point of contact of your organism with a medium, through which the outer medium elements are prepared to serve our organism. Then absorption functions begin working. Nature has distributed everything wisely, effectively and meticulously the absorption surface of man’s intestine is 300 square meters. This is a powerful “electric pump” with unique osmotic, selective and antiseptic systems. How much effort man has to apply to put himself out of order by reaching 20 – 30 years old!

It is good to use a magnetized oats infusion for rehabilitation of the absorption ability of mucous membrane of gastrointestinal canal. You can make oats infusions according to the following recipe: wash oats, dry and grind evenly. Put two table spoonful of grinned oats into a thermos and add 0.5 liters of magnetized boiled water. Keep it for 3-4 hours. Such magnetized infusion is good for health improvement of recently confined women who have lost too much blood and for rehabilitation of patients after surgical operation (but never broth which is 30 times harder to digest than meat). Magnetized oats infusion is advised for baby feeding if a mother lacks milk, and also for people who are allergic to medicine. Magnetized oats infusions facilitate rehabilitation of glandular surface of intestine.

The third step – Treatment of joints

Put five grams of bay leaf into 300 ml of magnetized water and boil it for five minutes and after that draw it for 3-4 hours in a thermos. Sip the magnetized infusion during 12 hours (it is not advisable to drink it at once as bleeding can be provoked). Treatment has to be repeated for three days running. In a week’s time the treatment can be repeated.

Treatment of joints has to be carried out after a thorough treatment of intestine. Otherwise excrement stones in the intestine would be dissolved earlier than deposits in joints and provoke itching and nettle-rash symptoms. 30g of bay-leaf are required for the course of treatment. Four courses of treatment should be done during the first year. Then the treatment should be carried out once a quarter and then once a year. This will help you to eliminate salt deposits in joints, pains caused by changes of weather and joints weariness. You may hear the one who has made diagnosis for you “osteohondroses” or “infectious non-specific polyarthritis” taking back his words, with the magical “mistake in diagnoses”.

The fourth step – Liver treatment

Treatment of liver has to be done regularly, because liver treats blood from the remnants of dead red blood corpuscles (120 days). In that case, when the condition of wonderful cells, blood vessels’ membranes between gall-ducts and capillaries in liver conforms to natural parameters, dead red blood corpuscles are filtered off and pass with bile into the duodenum or gall-bladder and later on they are evacuated through intestinal canal.

Part of the dead red blood corpuscles remains in the blood and another part deposits like warts on the walls of gall-ducts. Filtration capability of liver diminishes greatly, the content of dead red blood corpuscles increases. Concentration of bile deposits in the gall-bladder is much higher than in gall-ducts. Here stones are also crystallized from dead red blood corpuscles. They can get into the bladder through gall-ducts with bile, too. Part of gall-ducts is obstructed by brownish-yellow wax-like corpuscles of cholesterol. Treatment of the liver has to be done regularly, observing the following rules:

  1. The intestine has to be cleaned, not constipated and without excrement stones, so that erupted waste from liver black, stale bile, cholesterol clogs and stones of dead red blood corpuscles) will be evacuated without delay through the rectum, and cannot become an object of secondary intoxication from the intestine.
  2. It is not advisable to substitute lemon and olive oil.
  3. Before treatment of a liver stick to vegetarian diet.
  4. You should strictly observe biologically recommended hour for treatment (from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.).

To begin the treatment be sure of the powerful, creative, invigorous capabilities of your body. Full awareness and no fear. Neither in the beginning of the treatment, nor during discharge of waste, when you discover numerous green peels of dead red blood corpuscles, softened large stones (as large as a walnut), cholesterol clogs. Treatment of liver is natural and necessary as general cleaning of a dwelling.

Treatment of the liver.

For this treatment 300g of magnetized olive oil and 300g of magnetized lemon juice are used.

Give an enema on the first day and drink any quantity of fresh magnetized apple juice. Repeat the same procedure on the second day and on the third day, but drink fresh magnetized apple juice until 7 p.m. (at this time, according to our daily biorhythm, the liver is relaxed). Then you should lie in bed, put hot-water bottle in the area of liver and drink every 15 minutes magnetized oil along with magnetized juice in the following order: 3 table spoonful of magnetized olive oil to be followed by 3 table spoonful of magnetized lemon juice.

Evacuation of waste happens in three stages during the day. The first discharge of stones happens in 4-5 hours, the second one in 7-8 hours, the third one in 9-10 hours from the beginning of treatment. In one and a half to 2 hours after the commencement of treatment, it is possible to give an enema, have magnetized juice, light cereals for breakfast, and in 12 hours give another enema. Stick to vegetarian diet during the week. The intestine will still discharge waste, excrements will be of light color.

During the first year such treatment can be carried out quarterly, then once a year, Such preventive measures are necessary for provision for optimal conditions for the work of our main treatment laboratory.

The fifth step – Treatment of the kidney

It’s better to carry out this treatment in summer in watermelon season. You have to get plenty of watermelons and brown bread. It is going to be your diet for a week. If there are stones in your kidney and urinary bladder then the best times for their discharge is the hour of kidney biorhythm 2 or 3 a.m. At this time you have to take a warm bath and to combine it with a watermelon meal. Treatment can be repeated in two or three weeks, until you get the results.

The sixth step – Treatment of blood lymph

The following doctor Wesker’s mix can be advised: 900 grams of magnetized grapefruit juice, 900 grams of magnetized orange juice, 200 grams of magnetized lemon juice, 200 grams of magnetized melted water prepared In refrigerator in the morning dissolve a table spoonful of Glauber salt in 100 grams of melted water.

After this it is good to go to bathroom or to take a warm shower. Perspiration will be superb. Every 30 minutes drink 100 grams of magnetized juice mix. Repeat this treatment for three days.

The seventh step – Treatment of blood vessels

Prepare the following mixture one glass of oil seeds, two table spoons of grinded valerian root, two glasses of natural honey. Put this mix into a thermos, pour two liters of magnetized water and let it draw it for 24 hours. Then take one tablespoon of it 30 minutes before meals.

You have to follow these steps in strict sequence. A lot of people whatever pains they have, believe that a Turkish bath is the solution. But treatment in a steam bath should begun after treatment of the intestine. The cause of heat stroke is massive entry of waste through the intestinal barrier during heating of the body.


Implementing of the above actions of treatment of the body, boldly involve yourself in physical training : jogging, static gymnastics, hardening with cold and hot water (steam bath and shower). Do not be afraid of consequences. Disturbances diminish greatly. Physical training of our treated body will not be kind of discharging of waste but it will turn into method of strengthening of all systems in our organism into optimal regimen, under conditions of minor risk. Wonderful changes in human organism after treatment are illustrated by irido-diagnostics deficiencies of iris disappear.

Everyone can now obtain his lost intuition, will become more adept to the changes of environment, which are not , I am sorry to say, happening for the better. It is not possible to create an ideal microclimate. There is only one way to survive to accommodate your body to the Laws of Nature.

Let’s remember the words of my countryman V.I, Vernadsky again. “Not a single form of life can exist in its own created wastes ” We have to organize our life in such a way, that after consumption of food there will be the smallest possible quantity of waste left in our body. Knowledge obliges us, first of all, to put our organism in order like a secret corner of Nature.