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Mysteries of Magnetic Energies

Mysteries of Magnetic Energies
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The Russian scientist YURI TKACHENKO is the owner of the concern "Rossiyskaya Korona" professor, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Science, the author and co-author of more than 500 research works in the field of magnetic technologies. In 1992 he was registered in the "GUINNESS BOOK OF RECORDS" as the "MAGNET MAN".

- Part 1. Anatomical-Physiological substantiation in the use of magnetic fields in medicine
- Part 2. Physiological approbation in the use of magnetic fields in medicine
- Part 3. Modern understanding of the mechanism of medicinal influence of magnetic fields
- Part 4. The use of magnetic fields in medical practice
- Part 5. Nikolay A.Gavrikov, Yury P.Tkachenko "Magnetic Treatment"
- Part 6. Yury Tkachenko, Nadezhda Semyonova "Your way to health: magnetic water plus separate nutrition"
- Part 7. Yuri Tkachenko "Aeroionisation device with magnetic hydrodynamic activation for preventiveand curative action"
- Part 8. Treatment of various diseases using magnetic fields (Clinical Papers)

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Mysteries of Magnetic Energies
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