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Magnetic Strip

Magnetic Strip
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The magnetic strip is designed for a curative influence on a human being using the magnetic field of permanent magnets. Its principle unites two medical non-medicinal methods - reflexotherapy and magnetotherapy.

The magnetic strips have proved useful in:
- Relief of pain in muscles, joints, spine as well as in cases of rheumatism and osteochondrosis.
- Normalisation of heart, lungs, stomach, intestine activity.
- Cases of diabetes mellitus.
- Relief from fatigue, sleep disorders.


For the relief of pain in muscles, joints, spine, rhematism as well as in the case of varicose veins the magnetic strip should be placed locally on the affected area.

The magnetic strips should be fixed by an adhesive plaster or a bandage. The duration of the treatment is 30-60 minutes twice a day.

For acute pain it is recomemended to wear the strip throughout the day.

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