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Blood Pressure Regulator

Blood Pressure Regulator
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Magnetic Applicator "Professor" uses permanent magnets for contact and non-contact massage of skin and internal human organs, especially the heart.

It can be used in hospitals, outpatients departments and at home. It is used as a non-medicinal method for regulating blood pressure and heart rate.


Magnetic Applicator "Professor" is used to regulate high blood pressure (essential hypertension) as well as hypotension, due to it having a normalising effect in both cases.

Magnetic Applicator "Professor" is used to regulate the heart rate in palpitations as well as slowing the heart rate. It is useful for the treatment of stenocardia.

It can also be used for treatment of arteriosclerosis, vegetative - vascular distonia, cordiosclerosis.

The device activates effectively the intensity of local blood circulation on the areas of contact and non contact massage and is very useful for the treatment of traumas, which do not permit direct contact. It accelerates granulation of tissue in the areas of surgical stitch, open injuries, a tropic ulcer, osseous knitting, cuts, and fractures, burns and wounds resulted by war actions.

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