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Magnetic Funnel

Magnetic Funnel
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Magnetic funnel is the most efficient and effective method for magnetizing liquids. Liquid passed through the magnetic funnel acquire a finer and more homogeneous structure that significantly enhances the fluidity and dissolving ability as well as biological activity.

Magnetic water has been successful in preventing and curing kidney diseases, kidney and gall stones in particular.
Thorough research has proved the curative properties of magnetic water in dealing with many types of diseases:
- Consuming 250 ml. of magnetized water daily, normalises disorders of the cardio-vascular, digestive, nervous and urinary systems.
- Frequent use of magnetic water, decreases cholesterol content in blood, stimulates brain activity, improves digestion, increase appetite and reduces excess acidity and normalizes the function of bile.
- It aids in inducing proper movement of bowels and expels poisons and unwanted salts from the body.

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