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Magnetic Technologies at "Fabulous Four 2006" Expo

During the activity of the ’Fabulous Four’ Expo that took place between 22-25/4/2006. Our company Magnetic Technology Corner took an active part in that exhibition of Dubai World Trade Centre. Our Company participated with a big and distinguished stand that stir the attention of the representative of government and private sectors from many countries. Specialists and individuals who are interested in agriculture, poultry, flowers and fishery industries were attracted with the solution that our company come up with. For the first time in the Middle East and Africa our company demonstrate one of its hydrobonica system. This unique bio. close system of aquariums where in the upper ones vegetables and fruits can be grown, where in down ones fish can be breeded, the waste of which can be used as organic fertilizers, while the plants can clean the water and increase O2 in it to the fish. The company is planning to promote these systems and many other magnetic ones in the sooner future confirming its participation in the next important ceremonies that will take place in UAE and other adjacent countries.