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FUJAIRAH AGRI EXPO 2006 Participation

Magnetic Technologies Corner participated as an exhibitor in the Fujairah Agri Expo last March 22 -25, 2006. The said expo highlighted the agricultural sector in which the magnetic technology introduced for such field was welcomed and shown a valuable interest from hundreds of exhibitors and guests. The queries of most guests were remarkably answered in a way that farm owners and other agriculturally inclined people was able to understand the need for the technology as well as its benefits… i.e. such as the increase in yield in a shorter span of time. It is vital to note that exhibitors as well as guests are satisfied with the clarifications given by the agricultural engineer and thereby increased their interest and willingness to install such devices in their premises. This exhibition is a good way of informing the presence of our technology and as an assessment of the demand it will create in the market for magnetic products in various fields such as agriculture, industry, water and health.