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In the twilight of the 20 th century one may conclude on the accomplishments that the humankind has recorded within the spell of one hundred years. First and foremost, the outgoing century has seen a big leap of scientific and technical progress. It is remarkable how the people came to know radio and television, aircraft and space vehicles, enormous industrial enterprises and, finally, animal and human cloning. Apparently, all of those attainments have been rendered possible on one condition: development and resolute application of the advanced human scientific thought or technology.
This century has produced myriad examples of impressive headway that some states have made exclusively at the expense of application and introduction of technologies. The countries in possession of scientific knowledge and, consequently, technologies have taken their leading niche on the world marketplace.
So, what does the 21 st century have in store for us? Which discoveries unknown to Man hitherto will enable new leaders to emerge on the worldwide political and economic arena? Is there anything unexplored to be conquered by human mind? All the human resources have seemingly been exhausted. Let us not tell fortune but rather talk about one opportunity, which is perfectly unrevealed to the overwhelming majority of the earth-dwellers. And this opportunity is magnetic technologies…

Brief History of Magnetology

The roots of human awareness of importance of magnetic energies in the life of people and the planet itself go deep back into ancient times.

In BC IV, Hermes, one of the supreme priests and Ruler of Egypt stated that magnetic and light energies were the basis of physical nature of humans. Thus, if a human being could have learnt and understood the nature of magnetism (Life) and wave (Light) he would have entered eternity. With the knowledge based on magnetism of Earth and Universe Hermes extended a calendar year from 360 up to 365 days.

Prominent ancient thinker Pythagoras (599 BC) averred that all thoughts, words, emotions and deeds of man were reflected in the world magnetic lake- mirror and imprinted there forever. Pythagoras referred to this fact as scientific.

Pythogoras assumed that a human being could read such information, i.e. look into the past, present and future by using special techniques to develop spiritual "vision".

Ancient doctors of China and India paid great attention to magnets and magnetism. They called magnets the "Sympathetic Stone". Regrettably, many of old Chinese and Indian methods of treatment by magnets were lost and never reached the latter- day life.

In the Middle Ages the interest to magnets and magnetism blazed up to a new level. Philip Avrelium Bombast von Gogengeim (Paracels), a renowned doctor, carried on research in this domain. Paracels was acknowledged as the most outstanding doctor of his time. Many royal families considered it honour to seek medical advice from him and witness healing miracles that he demonstrated by way of various magnetic devices.

Paracels actively used magnetic water and magnetic powder in pills. He believed that magnetic energy was the foundation of human energetic power. In his opinion magnetic energy was the major factor that determined a human health condition. Paracels also asserted that bio-gravitational energy was the main constituent of the live matter including plants, animals and men. This information and magnetic form of matter existence defined what we call "life" in the living.

Mesmer was another famous and popular doctor of the XVIII- XIX th centuries. Mesmer followed in Paracels' footsteps but unlike his predecessor he discerned two constituents in the world magnetic ocean: space (inanimate) magnetic energy and animate magnetic energy emitted only by live organisms and, especially, people.

Mesmer made undoubtedly considerable contribution as he was the first ever European scientist who embarked upon applying two most efficient medical methods for treating various diseases: trance and bio-magnetic treatment. Mesmer magnetized almost everything: water, creams, wool, medicines, leather, clothes, wood, bread, etc. A number of contemporary doctors and magnetologists still practise Mesmer's amazing method whose fame has lived throughout the ages up to present.

Naturally, many ancient healers who made use of magnetic treatment did not have any theoretical expertise. For their experiments rare-earth magnetites were used. People found them in the form of alloys in different parts of the world. The alloys differed so much that Mesmer's followers were unable to replicate his results. A search for certain type of magnetic alloys became one of the key objectives of the XXth century magnetologists.

A serious breakthrough of scientific and technical thought in the XIX-XX th centuries enabled world scientists to create a multitude of technical solutions and make a number of discoveries which were deemed improbable at that point in time.

Electric mechanisms, radios, different methods to transfer information, outer space and satellite systems - all these phenomena have a common foundation: magnetic energy.

It is noteworthy that Russian scientists have played a pivotal role in the evolution of magnetic technologies and magnetology as a science. Back in Stalin times when the national economy was on a military industry footing behind the iron curtain, Soviet secret institutions became the cockpit of extensive and versatile research centred round magnetic energies. The research was conducted in strict confidence and involved thousands of most gifted Russia's scholars.

These perseverant efforts bore fruit within a short period of time and encouraged the application of magnetic energies in the military industry. In early 70's for the first time ever some of the Soviet scientists seized upon a chance to emigrate to foreign countries. The scientists leaving the Soviet Union possessed fragmentary information about magnetology, which would, ultimately, trickle into the United States, United Kingdom, France, Japan, etc. Therefore, the original pieces of knowledge about fantastic magnetic technologies popped up in the countries where the Soviet scientists finally settled.

Against the backdrop of these developments, Americans were the first to appear ruffled. They realized that once the knowledge about magnetic technologies was brought within reach of the public, the existing technologies would be in great jeopardy. Such a run of events would have caused serious implications as the industrialized countries were vigorously implementing conventional technologies worldwide. It also could have undermined business operations on the international market with the technology market condition being dramatically reshuffled. It became evident that urgent measures were to be taken to hamper the dissemination of magnetic knowledge and, simultaneously, come and rescue obsolete techniques, which were fetching colossal profits.

War of Technologies

The first actions taken by the American authorities were swift and rational. Raison d'etre behind the scenario was quite simple: since we are not familiar with the secrets of magnetic technologies and the research therein will entail a considerable amount of funds and money, it is necessary to discredit the magnetic technologies on the whole and, consequently, form customer's negative attitude and mistrust to the said technologies. Towards this end, American industries introduced various magnetic devices and technological gadgets to the market. They spoke about some fantastic results although knew for sure that there would be none. The contrivances never worked and produced no results. The bottom line is that in the 70's and at present alike nobody in the world but Russian scientists kept the secrets and knew how to yield special components and engineer magnets "a la carte".

Therefore, these pseudomagnetic gimmicks quickly disappointed buyers and laid bare "a technological trick". In the meantime, still keeping the world at bay Russia stepped up its activities focused on scientific research in magnetology.

In the 1980's, Rossiiskaya Korona Company was set up to marshal the knowledge about magnetic technologies. As a result, the largest magnetology-related databank was created. For their part, Americans came to understand that further ridiculing of magnetic technologies was unthinkable and senseless. Positive feedback brought by the magnetic technologies and favourable applications was going from strength to strength to consolidate the magnetic phenomenon.

In 1993 Russia disclosed magnetic technologies to boost their wide application and introduction into the world market upon completion of major research work in the related domain.

To further pursue this goal, Magnetic Technologies L.L.C., a Russian-Emirates company, was set up to promote and implement magnetic technologies in the Persian Gulf region. The company got in touch with the National Research Centre in Cairo, Egypt to build public confidence in magnetic technologies. Joint efforts produced convincing results to endorse positive benefits of magnetic technologies

Below follows a report compiled by Professor Mustafa Helal who has conducted scientific research on agricultural applications of magnetic technologies at the National Research Centre in Cairo for 2 years.

  • Magnetization of seeds and irrigation water has boosted the germination rate of wheat, tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers by 20, 65 and nearly 100%, respectively.
  • Magnetically treated irrigation water has increased the yield of wheat by 12.7-33% depending on the sowing date.
  • The level of productivity of sesame seeds and maize has gone up by 24%.
  • Irrigation of a citrus garden by magnetized water for 16 weeks from December to March has considerably enhanced the fruit yield.
  • Magnetic treatment has increased nutrients and decreased the contents of hazardous heavy metals in seeds, grains and fruit.

Application Domains of Magnetic Technologies

Below follow some examples of economical benefits, which can be generated by magnetic applications in diverse economic spheres.

Oil Mining and Oil Refining Industry

  • Reduction of expenses related to well drilling.
  • Pipeline dewaxing.
  • Preservation of productive stratum perviousness.
  • Better oil stratum output factor by 3-5 %.
  • A considerable decrease in pipe corrosion ("1.5 times) including casing and fountain pipes, in particular, at later stages of oil field development.
  • Extension of pipe lifetime by 40-50% due to slower formation of salt deposits.

Heat power engineering

  • Enhancement of cooling efficiency by, at least, 30%.
  • Reduction of incrustation growth all the way down the water loop by 3-4 times.
  • A significant minimum two-fold drop in the activities related to preventive maintenance of the cooling system.
  • Dramatic reduction of existing deposits to negligible soft formations that can be readily washed away by the water flow.
  • Reduction of recurring expenses for the chemicals involved in the softening process of water treatment.

Construction Industry

  • Cement saving (up to 25%) with no loss in concrete durability.
  • Better concrete mix plasticity without application of costly and hazardous chemicals such as super plasticizers.
  • Enhanced concrete resistance to aggressive media, which is extremely important for the Gulf climate.
  • Positive changes in water absorption and water impermeability as well as dramatic reduction of metal corrosion in reinforced concrete structures.
  • Longer concrete lifetime (2-3 times). This will produce a huge economical effect as construction investment life is directly based on this factor.


  • A shorter vegetative period of plants.
  • Reduction of seeds required for sowing.
  • An increase in net yield by 25-40%.
  • A drop in morbidity rate by 60-70%.
  • A 30%-saver of irrigation water.
  • Acceleration of soil desalination by 2-3 times.
  • Greener and healthier plants.


  • An average daily additional weight of young animals goes up by 30%.
  • An average yield of milk increases by 10-20%.
  • Enhancement of milk fat contents and flavour.
  • A substantial drop in morbidity and mortality rate.


  • Improved egg-laying qualities.
  • Reduced time required for fowls to gain desired weight.
  • A considerable drop in mortality and morbidity rate.

Environment and Water Treatment

  • Making water biologically active (living water).
  • Water system self-purification.
  • Bringing about self-adjustment to water biological balance.
  • Water clarification, which happens due to enhanced coagulation and solid precipitation insoluble in the water.
  • Scaling down the contents of H 2 S and CO 2 in the water due to magnetic degassing treatment.
  • Increasing the concentration of dissolved oxygen.
  • Controlling pH.
  • Reducing pathogenic bacteria in the water.
  • Exerting a positive impact on the adjacent residential areas: a higher oxygen content and less toxic gases in the ambient air.
  • Doubling the capacity of sewage plants without expanding the facility for wastewater treatment.


Nowadays magnetic methods of medical treatment have gained a firm ground in the present-day medical practice worldwide. Human race is starting to understand that tabs or pills alone would not do the trick. The world pharmaceutical market has dozens of thousands of various medicines, which cannot provide desirable healing. This is the reason behind ongoing search for alternative method of health treatment. Magnetic devices embody one of such directions and encompass a very wide range of products. It is worthwhile mentioning that a recent conference of doctors and magnetologists dubbed magnetology the medicine of the 21 st century.

Therefore, one can ascertain that the dawn of the 21 st century will scintillate with a remarkable upsurge of human interest in the capacities contained by magnetic technologies.

Will Human Race Strike the "Stone Of Philosophy"?

For the space of millennia inquisitive Earth inhabitants have endeavoured hard to find the "stone of philosophy" and disclose the secret of how it could be used to yield pure gold.

Such quests were triggered off and encouraged by passages from ancient manuscripts and oracular statements that research workers chanced upon at the time of their exploration. In days of yore Egyptian priests kept secrets about energy potentials of the pyramids in Egypt. Having failed to decipher colossal amounts of knowledge that those phenomena had in store for the humankind, many a priest followed the same way, i.e. to bring gold out of metal at any price. The author of this narration suggests a different stance on the problem of striking gold out of the "stone of philosophy". Let us try and answer the following question: What has been the purpose of our many thousand year old efforts to produce gold with the aid of the "stone of philosophy"? The response is trite and simple enough. It has been the case just to upgrade us to a more luxurious or privileged tier of life in our society. To put in a nutshell, any one gram of gold obtained in such a manner would have been the equivalent of a certain commodity. Or rather, any other additional means generated by relatively petty expenses would have enabled people to solve economic, political and military problems.

Let us go back to the Egyptian pyramids. Energy potentials contained by these pyramids in transforming water and metals as well as affecting bacteria and the like have been subjected to in-depth studies. This capacity is a looking-glass reflection of an opportunity to employ magnetic energies reasonably for the sake of relaxation of the same kind of troubles. In other words, an unknown powerful intellect has laid the key in those phenomena to realize how magnetic energy can be applied for preparation of colossal uncalled-for prospective possibilities the humanity needs nowadays to make its headway. Thus, the "stone of philosophy" is none other than a MAGNET. Likewise, the practical expertise of magnetic energies (magnetic technologies) embodies the very gold that alchemists have cudgeled their brains over a long time. The current work serves as a proof of these assumptions.

In conclusion, it should be relevant to cite Hermes. In BC IV, he was elected the Supreme Priest for the first time ever in Egyptian history. Hermes was pronounced "triple great" when he was still among the living as he was seen as King, Pace- setting Philosopher and Supreme Priest.

"... And then Hermes asked the Angel about the righteous way to God. And the Angel replied: " I will say whatever has been uttered by the God's word. The Father of all things is made of Life and Light, which are the constituent parts of Man. Life is my magnetic spiritual nature and Light is a wave nature of my earthly Man. If a human being could learn and understand the nature of magnetic energy (Life) and wave (Light) he would enter Eternity."