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Traumas, fractures and magnets

These days, the use of magneto-therapy in clinics and hospitals is very common when traumas, fractures and burns are treated. Magnetic fields' influence on the injured parts of the body, results in the relief of pain.

Magneto-therapy together with magnetic water, allows speeding up the healing process of wounds. This is the main reason why clinics and hospitals use magnetic device "Professor", along with magnetic funnel . The fact that instructions on using these devices are so simple makes it possible to use these devices without any medical help.

In case of contusions, cuts, burns, and fractures, magnetic device "Professor" is used as the massager. Patients have to make circular movements over the injured place at a 1 cm distance (avoiding skin contact). This procedure should last for 1 or 2 minutes and should be repeated every 4 hours. This procedure should be carried out everyday until full healing occurs.

Drink magnetic water or other magnetized beverages when thirsty, instead of usual water or beverages. It is necessary to magnetize all the fluids you drink (tea, coffee, juices, lemonade, dairy products, etc.).

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