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Homosexualism and magnets

Homosexualism, as one of the forms of sexual orientation, automatically leads to various medical problems that are difficult to cure. These are problems that include micro injuries, inflammatory processes, cuts and small (micro) skin chaps. These lead to more serious problems such as prostate gland problems, prostate gland and, in many cases, hemorrhoid in men. Spectrum of various problems in women is much wider and should be discussed separately (see Women functional distressing, infertility).

One of the main reasons people who suffer from any of the above mentioned problems do not consult doctors for help, is the fact that it can be a serious psychological barrier to overcome. This form of "alienation", often makes people search for strange methods of treatment. Often, these strange methods worsen patient's condition.

The method we offer, will solve all the problems. Firstly, we guarantee confidentiality of information. Secondly, our devices can do more for you than any of the doctors. Finally, and most importantly, our devices can be used by individuals at home.

There are 2 devices that are essential for every homosexual. These are:

Impotence, chronic prostatitis, hemorrhoid and magnets
Radiculitis and magnets
Overweight, obesity and magnets
Magnetic water

Burns and magnets

Kidney stones and magnets
Traumas, fractures and magnets
Alcoholism and magnets
Homosexualism and magnets
Women functional distressing, infertility
Cord-vascular diseases and magnets
Magnetic water and your house
Travelling and magnets
Make-up and magnets
Sports and Magnets
Kitchen and Magnets