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Science of Magnetology and application of magnetic technologies in treatments of various diseases have a great history. On our web site we offer you a variety of information. This information covers different aspects of magnetology, from applying our medical devices at home to applying our unique devices in clinics and hospitals. On our web site you will find the following information:

Magnetic devices for treatment and preventive maintenance of such diseases as chronic prostatitis, radiculitis, hemorrhoid, overweight & obesity, women functional distressing, high/low blood-pressure, kidneystones, Magnetic treatment of water and beverages. Wonderful properties of magnetized water.

Impotence, chronic prostatitis, hemorrhoid and magnets
Radiculitis and magnets
Overweight, obesity and magnets
Magnetic water

Burns and magnets

Kidney stones and magnets
Traumas, fractures and magnets
Alcoholism and magnets
Homosexualism and magnets
Women functional distressing, infertility
Cord-vascular diseases and magnets
Magnetic water and your house
Travelling and magnets
Make-up and magnets
Sports and Magnets
Kitchen and Magnets