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About Our Company

Magnetic Technologies L.L.C was established in United Arab Emirates in 1995 with the aim to introduce state of the art Mag-Technologies and their miraculous multi dimensional applications, unmatched impact and greater saving in various fields of life.

We are the World’s Largest Base of Magnetology operating in over 25 countries. Our expertise in Mag-Technologies is the outcome of more than 30 years of constant research and observations of Mag-Technologies applications in our daily life. The research was carried out by 52 leading research institutes of Russia. The company possesses more than 500 research works in different spheres of economy.

This is the most miraculous invention on earth which provides the chemical free solutions in almost every field of life, which include Drinking Water Treatment, Desalination of soil, use of salty water for irrigation, treatment of low quality of seeds to enhance agriculture yield, increasing profitability of farmers, Enhancing rainfall, Human Health, fuel and energy saving, and scale treatment.

  • Hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers are using our Magnetic Funnel and other devices for health. The home devices for water quality improvement have been installed on hundreds of Villas/homes in Dubai, UAE and many other countries.
  • The magnetic systems for industrial applications have been installed in many industrial units in several countries. In Dubai, the following large companies are getting the benefits of the chemical free solution which include National Cement Company (PSC), Union Paper Mills, Dubai Aluminum Company Limited, and many more.
  • Our agriculture devices are being used on hundreds of thousands hectares for irrigation. Salty water can be used for irrigation now.
  • Our ecological systems are being used successfully for clearing lagoons in Oman, United Arab Emirates & Saudi Arabia, etc, etc.
  • We have contributed our share in protecting environment by removing tons of harmful substances in the atmosphere.
  • Products of our company are supplied to more than 25 countries around the world.